It has been a long debate on similar but different packaging supplies. As foam or bubble wrap, stretch or shrink wrap; they sound similar but are quite different when comes to package your products. Another ambiguity that is seen is between shipping boxes and custom mailer boxes.

Well, both mailing boxes and shipment boxes are used for shipment and both are the protective and perfect choice. But both have their pros and cons that limit them in their usage and strengths. So, it is best to know these pros and cons of the boxes pre-hand to help make your mind for the perfect packaging wholesale fo your business. Here is a small comparison between the mailer and corrugated boxes.


Corrugated Shipping boxes

Corrugated mailer boxes.

1.       Types



2.       Weight


Comparatively lightweight

3.       Cost



4.       Eco-friendly

The cardboard can be recycled and can be used again

It can be recycled.

5.       Sizes

Available in large sizes usually

Can be made in larger sizes


custom printed boxes

What are Shipment boxes?

Shipment boxes or corrugated boxes are the same things as they are manufactured with the fluted paper sandwiched between two sheets of the liner. This is what makes them capable of handling heavyweight and also makes them expensive. This makes shipping boxes reliable for the shipment of your products across. There is no wonder that corrugated boxes are the staple of the packaging industry. It is not wrong to say that corrugated boxes are the largest category among which mailer boxes are a small branch and so are the shipment boxes. Corrugated boxes are available in different styles; Regular slotted cartons that are the standard box you’re used to seeing, Multi-depth boxes can be cut down to create boxes of differing heights, Corrugated mailers are for shipping small or multiple products, tuck top mailer boxes are best for unboxing experiences and Custom printed boxes are great for brand endorsements and logos and colors.


For shipment boxes, you need ample cushioning from outside jerks. For that purpose, you need to fill the voids with bubble wrap, foam rolls, and packing paper. This is necessary to pad out the remaining space and ensure your goods are as protected as possible.

The biggest drawback of the shipping carton is the cost. Well, thanks to the use of dimensional weight by delivery services. It’s an involved evaluation system that can lead to costly shipping charges if efforts aren’t made to minimize box size and weight.

custom printed boxes

What are Mailer Boxes?

Well, the difference is mentioned above with the pros and cons of both mailing boxes wholesale and corrugated shipping boxes. Now the choice lies in your personal preference. To decide the best boxes for your business ask yourself these qualifying questions:

  • Are you shipping large, bulky, heavier items or small, low-profile, lighter products?
  • Are you creating an unboxing experience or wanting shipping convenience?
  • Are you looking to choose the most eco-conscious option?
  • Are you trying to reduce your shipping costs?

custom printed boxes


Provided your products fit and are protected well, corrugated boxes are always a great choice. But tab lock mailer boxes are a great alternative if you don’t need a lot of shipping space. They are not heavy and cost less to ship. Some Mailer boxes come with built-in padding and not need you to fill the void with extra padding and bubble wraps. Since tuck mailer boxes are designed in a way that all you have to do is to tuck the right tabs and seal with the tape instead of assembling each side with the tape and then wrap it all around.

What to print mailer boxes for the company? Best choice?

Well, most frequently asked questions have two basic questions. Number one, can you print images on mailer boxes? and number two is, what to print on mailer boxes for the company? Firstly, we can print mailer boxes with help of screen printing, and secondly, custom printed boxes provide a facility to personalized mailer boxes with your desire pictures and your logo designs. Here is a small guide that will help you know how to decide what to print on your cheapest custom mailer boxes to make it look the most expensive one.

  1. Make sure you choose the best color scheme that is best for your company or that will make your printing prominent for your clients.
  2. After selecting the color for the background make the choice if you want to print a picture or your company logo on it. Well, it depends on your intention if you want it for personal use or for professional use.
  3. Make sure your text is readable if you are adding one.
  4. Also, look for the custom printed mailer boxes that could include the address and contact details. As it is necessary to keep records.


For Further Guidelines and selection of best mailer boxes, we at Custom Printed Boxes are available for your assistance 24/7.