Some packaging and printing boxes can never get outdated because of the versatility in designs. Custom Kraft boxes are among those boxes that never get out of style. Wondering why or how? Well, stick till the end of the blog to get to know all the amazing features that these Kraft paper boxes have.

They can be transformed into any kind of packaging you want for your product and gives the exact same protection and outlook as fancy packaging. By the end of the blog, you will definitely be convinced to use environment-friendly Kraft boxes wholesale as they are economical and fancy at the same time. Kraft boxes are named after the material that is used in the manufacturing of packaging it is usually brown but can be printed in different colors as you want it to be.

Here are 7 ways of packaging discussed that can be manufactured for your product or for your personal use.

1. Custom Sleeve Boxes:

Custom sleeve boxes are two-piece boxes having a sleeve and a shadow box. Sleeves can be of different shapes. It can be a window cut with a lamination sheet or it can be the one covering both sides.

Kraft sleeve boxes

Pros: Custom Sleeve boxes are best for small objects like jewelry or for storing some other things. Since the box looks good and is easily pull out from both sides it gives users more convenience to put stuff. For matchboxes, you can use the material or even for your bobby pins or other smaller entities. Soap boxes can also be used in Kraft material.

Colors and designs of the sleeves along with the printing for your commercial use can be lodged by the best printing companies.   

2. Display Kraft Boxes with Window:

Display boxes can be manufactured with Kraft material as well. It is lightweight but more durable when it comes to the safety of your products. Furthermore, Kraft paper boxes can be a really unique look for your display boxes as they can be printed in multiple colors. For cosmetics, confectionery, and for other purposes, these Kraft paper boxes are available at the counter of most stores.

Kraft Display boxes

Pros: It can be a perfect way to advertise your product with the name and your designs. You can put your products inside and then leave on the counter so that is convenient for your clients to get the look while paying or while asking for any information on the counter.

3. Kraft Jewelry Boxes:

Jewelry gift boxes need to be as elegant as the jewelry inside. Therefore, the best packaging advised for the delicate jewelry is Kraft cotton fill boxes that give support to your product and make it look more graceful. Brown color itself attracts the eyes while you can always decorate it with your creative embellishments.

Kraft Jewelry boxes

Pros: If using these kraft jewelry boxes for the sale purpose it is best to get them printed with the best logo and design printing. Another preferable option is to add your business card inside the kraft boxes to make the outlook graceful and minimal. Brown kraft jewelry boxes work best but you can always make it enriched with colors.

4. Bakery Boxes:

Bakery boxes need to be sturdy as they hold your edibles and need to be shipped sometimes as well. Here is the point where the style of the box plays a vital role. Selection of your box style matters in order to give more strength to the base of your box. Gable boxes are perfect for making the outlook amazing as well as give grip. Tuck top packaging boxes can also be used for making a different kind of outlook.

cupcake/muffin boxes

Pros: These Kraft boxes are eco-friendly and therefore perfect for your cakes and sweets as well. They absorb the oil and do not make material soggy just like oil makes to other cardboard boxes.

5. Apparel Boxes or Bags:

The custom packaging box with the lid or a sleeve box is perfect for apparel boxes. But for most occasions apparel boxes are large and to support the product most brands prefer to use kraft paper bags with the printed name or logo. This is because the minimal design is easy to memorize by the customer and the material itself has elegancy that attracts the eyes instantly.

apparel boxes and bags

Pros: Apparel boxes for tie, cufflinks, scarves and small apparel objects are best as they look elegant and you can arrange more objects in a single custom box.

6. Kraft Gift Boxes:

When it comes to gift wrapping and customer services we know every client is possessive and wants the gift best. Since you have invested an amount on the gift it is necessary to have attractive packaging as well. With the minimal designs, you can add embellishments like ribbons and flowers and die cuts. This will help you create an impression on your receiver.

kraft gift boxes|pillow boxes design

Pros: you can get your subscription boxes or your thankyou gifts in these boxes that save a lot of your money in packaging as well as in designing. Gift packaging can be done with simple Kraft paper as well.

7. Takeaway Boxes|Disposable Bags:

For Takeaway boxes, it is necessary that your box is protected with the lamination therefore food grade lamination is being done so that oil and liquid do not affect the quality of the box. Moreover, a clear PVC/PET window on the top lid is preferred for a see-through of the boxes that can be as per bakery boxes. Apart from that kraft paper bags that can be disposed of afterward plays a more vital role. So, for fast food packaging like sandwiches, salads these kraft boxes are perfect and economical.

disposable takeaway boxes

Pros: They can handle the weight! well, that is the best part if you are going to give your kids or your spouse tiffins and feel like it should be disposed of afterward it is the best option as it can handle the weight and does not tear off that easy. Print them with your logo and marketing sets of content to have your product perfect in the market.